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Renton History Museum

The Renton History Museum is the repository for the history of greater Renton. Jointly supported by the City of Renton and the Renton Historical Society, the Museum’s mission is to preserve, document, interpret, and educate about the history of greater Renton in ways that are accessible to diverse people of all ages. The Museum does this by providing exciting exhibits and programs throughout the year. 

The museum has a collection of over 17,000 photographs spanning all periods of Renton's past. Over 10,000 objects and archives also document Renton’s history; these include early books and newspapers, records from local businesses, ephemera and photos relating to school life, and collections of coal mining and fire-fighting artifacts. The Museum has a small research library open to the public during the week by appointment. Museum staff and volunteers are available to assist researchers with historical and genealogical questions.  

The Museum is housed in an Art Deco-style former fire station at Mill Avenue South and Houser Way. Constructed in 1942, it is the last existing structure in the  area built under the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  The photo on the left in the banner is from 1944 and shows the building during its days as "Fire Station #1." 


For more information, please contact the Museum by phone at 425-255-2330 or by email at


The Renton Historical Society

The Renton Historical Society (RHS) is a non-profit organization that provides private sector support for the Museum. The RHS offers memberships to anyone interested in supporting the Museum’s mission to document, preserve, and educate about the history of the area. RHS members actively assist with the Museum's activities around the city.

The RHS Board of Trustees meets at the Museum on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome. Please call the Museum at 425.255.2330 to confirm meeting date, time, and location.